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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Einstein

"Wow thank you my brother for taking me on an amazing journey on the art of living though the Mayan spirit of life. Through your wonderful teaching and generous soul, you have assisted me to enter an eternal cycle of pure magical energy and light, by providing me the blue print to move forth on my life path with the map of incredible experiences that enlightens my very spirit."

  - Peter Smith, Previous Course Attendee

You will learn how...

  • To decode yourself, friends and family
  • track the Mayan Evolutionary Pulses
  • to interpret the 20 Solar Seals & 13 Tones
  • to weave your Galactic Hero's Journey!

Completing this online course may...

  • lead you to your true hero's journey
  • Increase Synchronicity & Telepathy in your life
  • Make surfing these wild evolutionary times an artform to be enjoyed rather then a victim of!
"I am totally and utterly speechless....  Mark!!!! FAAAR OOOUUUUT!! That  literally felt like my Soul was talking to me...... explaining to me and confirming that i am not nuts!!! Well Raisins maybe.. I laughed and cried in amazement.... That was just stunning!!!! I will write more when i recover."
- Sabine - Mayan Reading Client
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The Online Course will give you all the tools you need in your belt to jump out of the mundane rat race of Time is Money, and begin the pursuit of true lifes satisfaction in earnest,
living from the Heart in the new Frequency of
Time IS Art!

Mark Bentley, Galactic Mayan Weather Reporter

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A proud father of a 7 year old lil' Hurricane, on a mission to inspire a divine re-caliberation within our social structures, Mark aims to set free the creative light that is within us all. 

With a firm belief that within every person, and that includes YOU, is a spark of unique genius and that it is just waiting to be recognised and fanned into a blazing passionate fire.

When we truly walk our passion and offer our own personal flavour of genius to the world, this is when we truly THRIVE in the world, and will attract the abundance and love that we so well deserve. 

Mark has lived and breathed the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Transmission, tracking the Galactic Weather patterns, teaching the work and decoding the secrets hidden within his clients Galactic Mayan Signatures for many years now, and stands as testament to the incredible gifts this work bestows upon those willing to step up to the plate. 

Galactic Mayan Weather Academy  
Foundation Course 101

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  • 7 interactive lessons presented in video format 
  • Over 400 minutes of solid video content! 
  • PDF Workbook to support the journey
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  • First notice on upcoming webinars etc
  • You get to be part of the pioneer adventures who ensure the thriving of the Galactic Mayan Weather Academy! (GMWA)
  • 10% of all sales goes to support the Law of Time Foundation! 

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